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Hello Fellow Fiskite/HBCU Alliance Committee:


I hope you have recovered from the 5K Run/2K Walk at Howard University. It was a fun event held on an HBCU campus, and it was exciting to see Fiskites who were able to attend. Thank you for your support during the 5K/2K race, resulting in donations of $488, raised for Fisk University.


As a committee, our next HBCU Alliance event is the Black-Tie Gala, on Friday, September 20, 2019,  from 7-11 PM. Tickets are $150.00 pp.  I know the cost...there's plenty of time to save $10 per week for 15 weeks or $20 per week for 7.5 weeks, then you will have $150 for the Black-Tie Gala ticket. 


Our goal as a committee is to promote this event by selling only 4 tickets each, to allow for the WFAA to take advantage of the revenue sharing. Folks like to dress-up, so invite Fiskites, Family, and Friends to the Gala. Let me know your thoughts and any comments.  In addition, WFAA's goal is to have at least a table for 10, which means 10 tickets will need to be purchased. 


There are HBCU's that have prospered in the past by taking advantage of the revenue sharing. This 2019 is WFAA's year to profit and receive a return on our efforts. 


See you at the Black-Tie Gala!


Betty Seltzer, PhD 

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